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'[EE] Stepper motor asanencoder-andaccidentalmicrop'
2008\11\09@205116 by Jinx

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> Is your application secret or can you share it with us ?

It's for an art installation. A friend wants one moving spotlight to highlight
a series of pieces in sequence, as directed by the soundtrack. Looked at
a variety of options, this way seems the tidiest and user-friendliest

2008\11\10@010001 by cdb


:: friend wants one moving spotlight to highlight
:: a series of pieces in sequence

Sounds an  ideal wheeze for solar cell positioning, prgramming
satellite tracking,  curtain positioning.

cdb, on 10/11/2008

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Hosted by:

2008\11\12@154114 by Jinx

face picon face
> Could you check your logic on Fig. 2?  It's not working the way
> that I would expect it to.  Do you need a pull down resistor in the
> present configuration?

Ah, good point. The diodes are isolating INT0 from the low of the
comparator, so a pull down would be needed. Without a pull down
the input is effectively floating high when the driver is low

There'll be a voltage drop through the diode to consider, and the pull
down value will have to be large enough not to divide the post-diode
voltage below the input L-H threshhold. >10k should probably do

Thanks Gordon

I've updated the page. I'll also get around to Russell's long-tail pair
idea today and add the results of that experiment

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