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'[EE] Sources of obsolete LCD screen (Toshiba LTM10'
2006\06\16@105052 by Howard Winter

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(Drat!  Trying again, with a tag this time!...)

A friend's company manufactures equipment that uses an LCD screen that has ceased production (apparently
unannounced and certainly not pre-announced!).  Redesigning to use other screens is going to take
time/effort/money and meantime they still need a supply of the existing screen ("10 would be good - 100 would
be very good!").

Searching in all the usual places hasn't turned up any, so the question is: how do you find which devices used
this part, so he can search for those, and canibalise them for the screen?

The part in question is a Toshiba 10.4" XGA screen, part number LTM10C313S or LTM10C313K - I am informed that
there are no suitable alternatives...

Any ideas ?


Howard Winter
St.Albans, England

2006\06\16@124053 by John Ferrell

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These folks make a business of that sort of thing.
I THINK that is where I last bought an old Compaq display...,Laptop,Parts.aspx

John Ferrell    W8CCW
"My Competition is not my enemy"

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