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PICList Thread
'[EE] Rayovac Hybrid NiMH batteries'
2007\03\06@064216 by Lee Jones

Subject had been Re: [PIC] Possible PIC App That Might Make Money

>> Portable PIC Programmer

> Think about the total joules needed for a programming session.
> I think you can get a lot of programming sessions from a pair of
> single use AA batteries.  If someone wants rechargeable, they can
> use AA NiMH with a external charger.  Keep it simple.

> This is not a good application for NiMH because of their high
> self-discharge.  This programmer is [...] forgotten for months
> on end until it's needed right there right away.

On the subject of NiMH batteries in intermittent use applications...

Has anyone done any testing on Rayovac's new Hybrid NiMH AA & AAA
size batteries?  Have you even heard about them?  I've been playing
with a couple sets since they first appeared on store shelves here
(southern California) about 4-6 weeks ago.

Freshly charged, they have a nominal voltage of 1.41V using the
Rayovac Hybrid charger.  Rayovac claims they can be charged in
any NiMH battery charger.  Overall, my impression so far is that
they behave like normal NiMH batteries.  Time will tell if they
actually retain their charge as claimed.

They are NiMH batteries and AA size has 2100mAH (I think) capacity.
Rayovac claims they still have 80% of their charge after 6 months.
Hybrid batteries use their "Advanced Electron Retention Technology".

Rayovac's web site has little detailed technical information.  See  It says
batteries are based on a "specially formulated Nickel Metal alloy" &
"are treated with an innovative safe, non-toxic chemical process".

Overall, I thought some of you might be interested and had not yet
heard of Rayovac's new technology (or new hype -- could be either).

                                               Lee Jones

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