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'[EE] RTD - 3 wire and 4 wire types -'
2008\01\03@143944 by mrresp1

does anyone know of any 'hobbyist' type priced (cheap) 2 or 4 wire RTDs
available from somewhere?   i don't need them to measure exact temperature
(i use a 1-wire ic for that) what i need the RTD for is to give me an
indication of if the 'wind is blowing' & how much (only relatively
speaking - not mph - just an absolute indication / variance from a 'no wind
reference base-line') via the wind's effect on the physically exposed
bridge.  this is in order to avoid having to use any type of mechanical
spinning device.  the idea was to be able to apply some course measurement
of wind loading effect on a building's heat loss vs a 'no wind day'.  maybe
someone has another way to approach it.



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