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'[EE] Quick Easy Desoldering of DIP packages'
2010\07\21@072803 by Olin Lathrop

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Forrest W Christian wrote:
> Hot air to heat the component - top side, package seems to
> self-destruct before the leads get hot enough to melt the solder.

This makes no sense.  Any normal DIP package should be able to withstand
solder temperature for a long time.  Are you cranking the air temperature to
some rediculous level?  Try 650 to 700 degF.  Also set the flow rate to just
what you need to heat the pins.  If you're getting collateral damage, you're
probably using, too much heat, too much air flow, and maybe not the right
tip.  The tip shape should match the pin layout, which in this case is two
thin rows about 300mils apart or a little less.

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