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'[EE] Pressure Transducer location'
2012\02\28@130236 by Shawn Donohue


My first posting by reply so see if it works....

I am installing a circuit that measures a small pressure . The display circuit will be about 25 feet from the source. I am wondering if it is better to have the transducer as close to the source as possible and run the wires to the display board or locate the transducer in the display case and run the 1/4" tubing from the pressure source to the transducer. I am guessing that I may need to install a buffer/driver op amp at the source if the transducer is located there but by moving the transducer, I would cause (I think) error due to the length of tubing (1/4" plastic).

The pressure is in the range of 1-2 psi and the sensor signal is 1-3 volts.

The sensor is similar to this one



2012\02\28@132028 by Carl Denk

If there is any possibility of getting condensation in the tubing,  I would go for the sensor to be mounted with a minimum of tubing, and even then think about liquid in the line. If it is a liquid filled line, then the difference in elevation will be a factor.

On 2/28/2012 1:02 PM, Shawn Donohue wrote:
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2012\02\28@132349 by Bob Blick

Hi Shawn,

If you are measuring air pressure then the tubing will not introduce

The error from wiring will be easy to calculate or measure. And it will
be small to begin with, even with 25 feet of wire.

The sensor is ratiometric so the output span depends on what excitation
voltage is at the sensor itself. You also will have some offset because
of the ground current. But it will not be much error.

Cheerful regards,


On Tue, Feb 28, 2012, at 01:02 PM, Shawn Donohue wrote:

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'[EE] Pressure Transducer location'
2012\03\01@123314 by Shawn Donohue

>Thanks for the replies

I will go with the sensor close to the source and run the wires.

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