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'[EE] PSpice, LTSpice and AVRStudio under Linux wi'
2005\05\22@221812 by Chen Xiao Fan

Over the weekend, I think my exploration of Linux as a MCU
and electronics development platform has made a significant
progress. Please refer to my other post on the PIC
development tools support ([PIC] PIC development under
Linux  with Wine).

1. Linux environment:
Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary + Winetools from Winehq.

2. Status on Spice circuit simulation program:
Please note I have not done a thorough testing.
1) LTSpice works quite nicely.
2) PSPICE 8 demo version works as well. Just take
note that you need to invoke using the -i option.
(psched -i msim_evl.ini) in order to correctly
loading the library.
3) ORCAD 9.1 student edition works as well. I've
tried to simulate circuits with both Capature
and Schematics.

3. Status on AVR development tools
As a side note, I tried to install AVRstudio
under Wine. AVRStudio 4.11 installs okay but does
not start. AVRStudio 3.5 installs okay and seems
to work as well. Since I do not have any AVR
hardware and I am not that familiar with AVR
so I have not done any test yet.

Ironically Winavr 2005.2 does not install under
Wine. However since we have all the GCC-AVR tools
working under Linux. Therefore it is not a problem.
So people interested in AVR on Linux are luckier.


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