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'[EE] Neve audio'
2010\07\21@073308 by Olin Lathrop

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Bob Blick wrote:
> One thing I decided is that some people have amazing ears. I used to
> have pretty good ears, but some people have fantastic ears.
> And when it comes to high fidelity, electronic analysis beyond a
> certain point is useless.
> So I gave up trying to measure quality. I learned to trust the guys
> with the good ears.

I also came to the conclusion that there are some people that are really
picky about this stuff, and they can hear differences regardless what all
the best electronic tests say.  However, these same people are also prone to
superstition.  I found that to get good result you trust their ears, but
only in blind tests.  If they know what they are comparing, you get the
superstition based answer.

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