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'[EE] MOV selection and power strips'
2008\11\13@223635 by Dr Skip

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I've taken apart a few power strips from TrippLite and others (quality names)
that were rated >1000J capacity (2400J is not uncommon). They had only a few
MOVs (6 in one case comes to mind, divided 2-2-2 hot-neutral-gnd) and not much
else (I think a few caps and inductors in an isolated one).

Well, looking at MOVs from various suppliers, they are all rated <100J (10, 17,
20, .., 70), and if one goes higher, they become modules and are almost as much
as the power strip $ for one! Are these strip ratings a total for all MOVs
inside, rather than one leg? Even then it wouldn't seem to add up...  And where
does one find these bigger components that look like the smaller ones? ;)

And I should ask, if this is a numbers game by marketing, what would be a good
way to size these things for various devices and currents if designing a strip
(using engineering, not marketing)?


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