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'[EE] MIPS32 M4K Core Versus ARM Cortex M3 Core'
2007\11\07@231118 by Xiaofan Chen

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Surprisingly Microchip becomes the first MCU vendor to adpot MIPS32
M4K Core and the launch party seems to be quite impressive
with many third party support (including big names like GreenHill and
ThreadX). Normally Microchip is a technology follower. I think
they are now a bigger company and they have no way to compete
with ARM7/CortexM3 based MCU since PIC24 (still a nice core)
has too little to compete with the duo.

I believe Microchip must have considered Cortex M3 core
as well but decide to use MIPS32 M4K core for some business and
technical reasons.

Business reasons aside, the M4K core seems to be quite impressive.

Cortex M3 core is also gaining momentum now with Luminary/ST come out
quite some interesting parts. TI is said to follow but not has not yet released

What do you think of these two cores in terms of technical features.


2007\11\08@094718 by Sean Schouten

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I am curious;   The M3 boasts the ability to do a single cycle 32-bit
multiply. Do they actually mean to say a 32*32 bit?  The M4K does
32*16 single cycle, and 32*32 every other...
The M4K is 22% faster in terms of DFLOPS/Mhz (approx. 1.53 DFLOPS\Mhz
vs 1.25 DFLOPS\Mhz). If I have some time next week, I might just fit
all them specs in a single spreadsheet for comparison. Till then I am
all tied-up in school stuff..

Hmmmm.... I wonder if this baby is fast enough to blink my led! :-)


On Nov 8, 2007 5:04 AM, Xiaofan Chen <> wrote:
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> -

2007\11\08@100231 by William Couture

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On Nov 8, 2007 9:47 AM, Sean Schouten <> wrote:

> Hmmmm.... I wonder if this baby is fast enough to blink my led! :-)

Not without a 10F200 coprocessor...


Psst...  Hey, you... Buddy...  Want a kitten?

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