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'[EE] Light guide techniques using LED lamps - bril'
2005\10\26@062241 by Russell McMahon

Light guide techniques using LED lamps - brilliant

This HP/Agilent application note has been referred to by several
people in the last few days but was so buried in a thread that it's
liable to be missed. This is a brilliant (pun intended) 22 page PDF
that tells you how to get light from LEDs (and other light sources) to
go places and do things that you will almost certainly want it to go
and do at some stage.

This is a far more complex subject than may at first meet the eye
[:-)] and the paper is well worth reading.


2005\10\27@085229 by Xiaofan Chen

face picon face
Quite good.

Still one needs professional software packages like ZEMAX,
OSLO and others to develope real light guides just like designing
lens. It is really not that simple. We just bought ZEMAX EE for
US$4000 and one of the tasks is to design light guide.


On 10/26/05, Russell McMahon <> wrote:
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