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'[EE] Interference and impedance'
2011\11\20@020856 by Electron


as a rule of thumb:

if I have circuit A and circuit B, and a wire inbetween (and ground of course),
wire that they use to communicate, and that will pickup along the path EMI, electric,
and magnetic interference. Not many MHz of data rate really, not even 1 perhaps, so
no transmission line noticeable effects.

Will halving the output impedance halve also the disturbs picked up?

If the output driver is open-collector, it means that its output impedance will be
very low when "0", and same as pull-up resistor when "1": this means that push-pull
drivers are inherently less "noisy", right?

Cheers, and have a nice, electric sunday.

2011\11\20@043355 by Geo

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