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'[EE] Inductor for piezo (copyrights)'
2007\02\02@110759 by Charles Craft

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I never have good luck with the PIClist archive search.
Looked for your previous post of the white LED driver but no luck.

So I've got a couple questions:

1. Can someone build a search string for the archive that finds the post
so I can learn how to construct them?

2. Was the circuit from a commercial yard light?
If so what's the deal on reusing it in your circuits?
(this has probably been covered in the past but thought I'd just ask - see #1)

3. I'm adding sound to a HO train set with James from the Thomas series.
I assume that sounds on TV programs or DVDs are copyrighted just like a musical performance?
There are no Thomas the Tank Engine sound boxes available for HO so I thought
of building one but then realized I couldn't sell it with the sound clips from the TV show.  %-)


{Original Message removed}

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