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'[EE] HP Touchsmart LCD displays'
2011\11\03@165446 by Andrew Wood

Does anyone know anything about the touchscreens used in HP Touchsmart PCs?
From the info on the back it appears to be one of these:

The model no doesnt match exactly (see photo hp2.jpg) but its the only one listed beginning M190, although mine appears to be 23"!

Photo at & <>

Interface is LVDS as I suspected which Im assuming is via the socket on the back (circled in the photo) but there's also two small white ribbon cables, 8 wires each. Anyone know what these are? Possibly for the touch input, but what interface?

Two 4 wire power cables are for the backlight I guess but I dont know what the voltage is.  Theres two pink&white and two black&white pairs on separate plugs.

Anyone any suggestions on the best way to connect this up to a non HP motherboard?  I know I can get Atom based motherboards which have LVDS on them but it would be useful to have some sort of pin out manual. There doesnt seem to be anything on the manufacturers website.

Im hoping to be able to make a touchscreen kiosk for a museum with it.


2011\11\03@222348 by Richard Prosser

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On 4 November 2011 09:53, Andrew Wood <> wrote:
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2011\11\04@014832 by cdb

I suggest looking up the specs for LG or Samsung LG190E08 or similar series - the 19 = 19" in the part I just mentioned the E08 series use 5v for the screen drivers. Older series use 12v and very new ones can be 3v3.
The screens themselves are mostly interchangeable, differences being some will have 6 backlights, though your picture shows a 4 tube backlight arrangement.

The touchscreen side is another thing altogether, perhaps it's a 3M controller or maybe Touchstone (Hmm sounds right).

The backlights will need an inverter which is often 12vdc fed and are as mentioned around the 800 - 1k6v.

The most essential thing is the voltage to the panel, the panels have no voltage regulator of their own (the ones I repair don't anyway), feed too high a voltage to them and you get a nice bright white screen, not that I've ever done that of course. :)

The HP monitor power supply itself may well be made by  Benq in which case the backlight inverter is part of the main power board, if you search the interent (sic) you can pick these up surplus or as spares from various monitor repair suppliers.

cdb, on 4/11/2011
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