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'[EE] Good high pulse current red LED like SFH464'
2005\01\20@011553 by Chen Xiao Fan

We are looking for some good red LEDs with high pulsing LEDs for
long range optic proximity switch application. Currently we are
using OSRAM SFH464 with the following parameters.

Metal case, 660ns peak wavelength
Forward current : If = 50mA,
Surge current (10us) : Ipeak = 1A
Half angle: +/-23 degree
Power dissipation: 140mW
Total radiant flux: 11mW at If = 50mA and period Tp =20ms
Radiant intensity in axial direction at solid angle 0.1sr : >=1mW

Normally we can pulse this LED to quite high current (say 300mA at
4us pulse and 100us period).

Any similar LEDs from other vendors? The SFH464 is quite expensive
at about US$1.7. Thanks in advance.


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