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'[EE] Get your travel cases ready Time travel anno'
2007\08\06@185447 by Jinx

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The November 2083 issue of Nature reports the confirmation
that time travel gives your ancestors Proteus-like Syndrome,
which is what a lot of people suspected in late 2079 after medieval
woodcuts mysteriously started featuring "a-groat-a-look" freak

In the fourth part of Michio Kaku's TV series on time he explains,
with the use of thought-provoking CGI, how to make a time machine.
He says "The laws of physics have no problems with time running

As he explains it -

At the quantum level, there exists an unstable surface called space-
time foam, where tiny bubbles come in and out of existence. In this
foam are minute worm holes that connect time and space. What you
need to do is make quark-muon plasma (enormous space-based
particle accelerator), then pump more energy into it to stabilise the
plasma's space-time foam long enough to "pluck out" a single worm

Then you take a whole lot of Cassimir's negative energy to enlarge
the worm hole. Each end is held in place with an electrical force
filed. Expose one end to a huge magnetic field (planetary scale) and
there you have it. An entry in the present and an exit in some other

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