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'[EE] Extech multimeter RS-232?'
2007\01\18@113102 by Bob Barr

I'm trying to use the RS-232 feature on an Extech multimeter.

Specifically, I'm looking for the RS-232 setup (baud rate, data bits,
parity, etc), and command set for the RS-232 interface to an Extech
model 380289 multimeter. I've had no success searching for the
device's operating manual. (It's a discontinued model so the manual
isn't available at the Extech site.)

I've also tried all of the usual combinations talking to it with
HyperTerminal but I still get no response from it.

So far, I've gotten no reply to an email that I sent to their tech
support department.

Can anyone give me a clue as to how to talk to this little beastie?

Regards, Bob

2007\01\18@180034 by Richard Prosser

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I don't know about the Extech range but the Escort DMM I have uses
4800baud, 7 data bits, & I can't remember parity etc. So you may have
to try a number of variations even before you try the command set.


On 19/01/07, Bob Barr <> wrote:
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2007\01\18@181119 by PAUL James

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And this one if for my Radio Shack RS232 DMM ....

It looks like the DMM uses RTS and DTR to power the serial port. DTR
needs to be set to +12 volts and RTS must be set to -12 volts. The port
should be configured for 7 data bits, no parity, and two stop bits
(7,N,2) at 1200 baud. Take a reading by sending a "D" character to the
DMM and then read characters from the serial port until a carriage
return is found. The format of the returned data is a 13 character line
terminated by a carriage return.
Byte)  12345678901234
Ex.1)  DC-1.9999 V  CR
Ex.2)     1.9999MohmCR

Good Luck,



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2007\01\19@111932 by Bob Barr

On Thu, 18 Jan 2007 17:11:06 -0600, "PAUL James"
<> wrote:

>And this one if for my Radio Shack RS232 DMM ....

Paul and Richard,

Thanks for the replies. I will check them out the next time I'm back
at the client's shop.

BTW, I still haven't received any response from Extech tech support.

Regards, Bob

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