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'[EE] Eagle vs. ? (was Atmel AT25640A for Eagle Lib'
2007\10\03@150251 by Richard Seriani, Sr.

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Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 1:24 PM
Subject: Re: [EE] Atmel AT25640A for Eagle Library

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Alan and Martin,

Thanks for the replies.

I was just looking for a quick way to demonstrate something, thus the
request. Pretty much any 8-pin SPI EEPROM would, and did, work.

I have all of about 2 hours playing with Eagle, so there is a lot left to
learn. Trying to decide if worth the investment (monetary and learning time)
or to just stick with National Instruments Multisim schematic capture (where
I have to make just about every MCU, LCD, and memory component) and to buy
Ultiboard . Don't care much about the simulation stuff, more looking at
schematic capture and board layout/autorouting for rather small projects (no
more than 4 layers, for now).

Today, we have a lot of fancy tools. The last time I did anything
approaching serious board layout was over 20 years ago, and that was all
done manually.

Support seems pretty good and a lot of folks appear to be using it. Is Eagle
a good choice in this situation?


2007\10\03@153610 by Martin Klingensmith

Richard Seriani, Sr. wrote:
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Hello Richard,
You're aware of course that Eagle doesn't do simulation, right?
In my opinion, Eagle is the least expensive "real" capture/layout
package. The other free software don't generally allow you to do CAM
processing to output Gerber files or anything like that.
Cadsoft has a great many-page tutorial which you may be aware of, which
is good reading. I'm still learning things in Eagle and I've been using
it for a few years.
Martin K

2007\10\03@154927 by alan smith

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this is my opinion of course....but I find that Eagle will do pretty much everything that *I* need to do.  I do have the full blown pro version as well.  If your doing small demo boards, the free version ought to work great.  They have a disclaimer that you cant or shouldn't use it for commercial products.  How a pcb vendor can tell from gerbers....but non the less, its a pretty decent package for not really costing allot of money.

For the record....I've used OrCAD (old DOS version schematic and pcb), OrCAD windows, viewdraw, Altium, PADs, Protel, Allegro, Expedition and each one has issues and benefits.  I needed something for my consulting that wouldn't cost me an arm n leg, and have to pay maintenance on it year after year so Eagle finally replaced my OrCAD DOS package.

"Richard Seriani, Sr." <> wrote:
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