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'[EE] Eagle SMD resonator libraries?'
2006\01\07@154817 by olin piclist

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Marc Nicholas wrote:
> If anyone has an Eagle library for a Panasonic or Murata SMD
> resonator in the 20Mhz range that's stocked by'd be my
> new best fried ;-)
> (I'm still learning Eagle and am a little unsure about building my own
> library for an SMD part just yet :-( ).

My library for crystals and related parts is attached.  It contains one type
of 3-pin resonator, but I'm not sure I've ever tested it.  Right now I can't
remember what I made that part for.

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2006\01\07@160839 by Marc Nicholas

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Thanks, Olin.

On the suggestion of another respondee, I've dived into the Eagle Library
Editor (had to sooner or later, I guess). I've just finsihed designing my
first part, so I guess I can likely do SMT resonator landings now and I'll
check out your library for clues.


On 1/7/06, Olin Lathrop <> wrote:
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