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'[EE] ESD protection in plastic boxes'
2008\10\27@004435 by Dr Skip

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We have a lot of multi-compartment plastic boxes (PE I think) for components
(TTL, bipolar transistors, etc), dating back to 7400 series logic chips when
ESD wasn't so much a concern. The 'filing' system is pretty much based on this
form factor, with extra capacity available. Now we have a lot of FET and CMOS
components, and duplicating all the storage we have (or even a lot of it) would
be a big cost hit to go to carbon impregnated anti-stat boxes.

However, it wouldn't be too much to lay in strips of aluminum foil the width of
the rows of compartments along each row in each box where needed. Is this
perfectly acceptable and/or adequate? I envision a strip wrapped up and down a
row so that in each compartment (of 4 sides, a bottom, and a hinged lid) 2
sides and the bottom would be covered. We actually haven't seen much if any
loss so far, but the parts value keeps going up and it may just be 'luck' so
far, so I need to mitigate future problems. For the real problem children, we
keep things in bags, but they tend to separate from the rest of the parts and
that's a problem. Everything in the filing system is the goal.

This idea fits the budget AND static sensitive parts could be grouped in boxes
with other parts without having to replace everything with new boxes. Will it
work or has anyone gone this way?


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