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'[EE] DC drive to aquarium diaphragm pump ideas ?'
2005\09\30@080006 by Walter Banks

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The astronomy guys often use small ac motors to drive telescopes These
motors require very little current Many do this with very small dc to ac
converters that they can change the frequency of  the ac by small amounts.
The simplest circuits use a small 110v to 12v ct transformer running "backwards"
with constant current source to the center tap and switching the legs.

There should be many variations found in a google search. One
typical circuit is


Harold Hallikainen wrote:

> I have an application where I need to drive a diaphragm pump (like those
> used in aquariums) from low voltage DC (battery). Here in the US, these
> pumps are mechanically tuned to run directly off the 60 Hz line. A single
> coil on a core moves an armature that has a couple magnets on it. The
> armature moves back and forth at 60 Hz, vibrating the diaphragm.

2005\09\30@085055 by Harold Hallikainen

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Thanks for the comments! It seems, in this application, to have magnetics
driving magnetics (transformer driving coil of diaphragm pump vibrator). I
could just rewind the pump coil to do the same as the transformer. This
product does several thousand a month, so costs are critical.

THANKS for the ideas thus far!


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