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'[EE] Cygwin usage'
2008\06\17@181752 by Dr Skip

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I tracked a small install of bash and some other cygwin stuff and it seemed to
stay well behaved and contained. In fact, I was able to portable-ize it to
verify I captured everything. Hopefully, there won't be too many conflicts with
other stuff that embeds the cygwin dll.

So, this opens up another whole world. ;)  For those that use cygwin - What is
the best way to handle windows' use of spaces in names? 'dir' produces a list
with spaces escaped (\). 'ls' does not - spaces are spaces. I would've expected
the opposite. Permissions are funny too - what does x mean in windows? Some
files have it and others don't, yet both execute fine. Also, some groups have
?????? for a name:

-rwx------+   1 Administrators ????????      119538 May  1 18:39 doc1.pdf
----------+   1 Skip           None         3833272 Jun 17 15:54 my.log

Is there any meaning to this in windows like there is in Unix? What's the best
set of rules to follow when using your unix mind under cygwin with windows'
naming styles? ;) Something that will prevent problems in shell scripts and
commands in general, and make life nice...


2008\06\17@204939 by Tamas Rudnai

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I don't use cygwin, however, just tried out on my linux that dir vs. ls
behaves exactly as you said - I do not use dir on linux so i've never
noticed that :-) btw when you type the first few letters of the filename and
press tab is should expand the filename, and in that way it puts the escape
chars in front of spaces too.

With the x bit on unix style permissions I would not care too much about
that. I am just guessing that win has an inherited acl over the files and
dirs, and maybe cygwin only sees the actual permissions but not the
inherited ones. With the group names, I have not got the f...f...fogiest
idea :-)


On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 11:17 PM, Dr Skip <> wrote:

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