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'[EE] Color management - displays and printers'
2005\08\11@071206 by Russell McMahon

[EE] OK? (rather than OT)
If you DON'T think so email me offlist pse.

Excellent tutorial on screen and printing colour display. Why what you see is not what you get.
Gamuts, CMYK, Pantone, ICC profiles, ...

ICC again, rendering intents, colour spaces, printers, cameras, perceptual intent, relative and absolute colormetric intents, saturation intent, help! ...


RGB working space information

   Good albeit arcane stuff, but hold onto your hats :-)

eg        Since the Lab TIFF specification, the ICC profile specification and Adobe Photoshop all use a D50, 2° standard observer basis for Lab, all of the above working spaces that are not similarly defined have been adapted from their native reference white to D50 using the Bradford transformation when computing the volume and efficiencies. This particular transformation is generally accepted as superior to other adaptation algorithms, such as von Kries (see related article evaluating chromatic adaptation methods here).


Notes on color.


2005\08\11@083558 by John Ferrell

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to this category.

John Ferrell

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2005\08\11@110702 by Dwayne Reid

Also add

Mike writes some of the articles for and seems to have a *very* good grasp on the subject.


At 06:38 AM 8/11/2005, John Ferrell wrote:
>to this category.
>John Ferrell
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