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'[EE] Code Metrics (was: Why bother with Assembly?)'
2007\03\12@083653 by Gerhard Fiedler

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Alan B. Pearce wrote:

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I'm almost certain that this type of metrics is not (and is not meant to
be) completely proportional, and they are /code/ metrics -- not embedded
development metrics.

There is a lot of debugging in such projects that's in the interface
between firmware and electronics, tweaking things and finding out how
exactly that built-in peripheral works in a not documented border line
situation and that type of thing, that is essentially independent of
overall code size and chosen language.

So I agree with you that for such a small project, it probably takes the
same time independently of the chosen language -- as long as it is suitable
at all and well-known (to the one working with it).


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