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'[EE] Cheap ARM board?'
2010\01\16@002058 by Vitaliy

Hi List,

A customer asked if we can supply a custom solution that would include an
ARM processor, 8Mb of SDRAM, and 8Mb of flash. The target price is $20 or
less. It sounds like something that should be available off-the-shelf, but
so far I'm only finding boards with flash and SDRAM in the Kb range
(Coridium et al)

If an off-the-shelf board with these specs does not exist, how hard would it
be to build one? I imagine not very hard, but then again we've never worked
with ARM chips. Is it realistic to spend <$20/ea to manufacture it?


2010\01\16@011608 by YES NOPE9

{Quote hidden}

It looks like it would be tough going.....
Check these guys out
click on TiniARM

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