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'[EE] Canbus sensor adapter for $'
2007\09\27@134814 by James Newton

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A friend of mine is looking for a way to quickly adapt his existing sensor
and signal conditioning system to a potential customer who needs to access
it via CANBUS in an automotive environment. They just need to be able to
query the device and get back the value from the sensor package.

Has anyone got a working design including code and hardware that he could
buy for a grand or so and then adapt to use his electronics? It needs to
support an A2D converter and have code space to do a little math to
condition the signal: mX+b is probably all, but it might need 2nd order so
available code space is important.

It may also lead to come consulting to support the CANBUS side of the thing
assuming the customer goes for it.

He would like an MSP430 solution, but could probably accept an AVR (if he
could get some assistance with setting up the development environment) or
even a  PIC based system if he can debug it with his old ICD.

Contact me on or off list:

James Newton

2007\09\27@154508 by YAP

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On 9/27/07, James Newton <> wrote:
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There are reference designs for VSCP on PIC, AVR and LPC in subversion
repository   at  The designs use the VSCP protocol
of course but should be  rather easy to adopt to some other protocol.

We can help with issues on the VSCP list or as a contract job.


Ake Hedman (YAP - Yet Another Programmer)
eurosource, Brattbergavagen 17, 820 50 LOS, Sweden
Phone: (46) 657 413430 Cellular: (46) 73 0533 146
Company home:
Personal homepage:
Automated home:

'[EE] Canbus sensor adapter for $'
2007\10\01@100608 by M. Adam Davis
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Hopefully you have already found what you need, but if not:

I have no existing solution, but I have some CAN and automotive
experience, and the tools to develop an MSP430 solution.  I'm a bit
backed up for work right now, so if he needs it "yesterday" then I'm
not available except at extortion rates. Feel free to pass along my
email - .


On 9/27/07, James Newton <> wrote:
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