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'[EE] Can anyone identify this IC?'
2007\01\29@233545 by PicDude

It's an 8-pin SOIC with these markings...
     "Atmel 0632"

I was thinking it might be an EEPROM, but can't seem to match it to anything.  
The 0632 should be a date code -- yyww.  Anyone have a clue about the rest?


2007\01\29@235129 by Paul Anderson

face picon face
On 1/30/07, PicDude <> wrote:
> It's an 8-pin SOIC with these markings...
>       "Atmel 0632"
>       "4508021B"
Could it be this chip?

Paul Anderson
"May the electromotive force be with you."

2007\01\30@002452 by PicDude

Hmmm... your response got to me before my message got back to me.  Time
travel !!!

Yes, it very well could be that.  I'll pop the case open again tomorrow and
see if I mistook "DB" for "08".


On Monday 29 January 2007 22:51, Paul Anderson wrote:
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2007\01\30@072615 by PicDude

Yep.  That's it.  This time under a magnifier, so I know I'm seeing correctly


On Tuesday 30 January 2007 00:25, PicDude wrote:
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