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'[EE] Call it Safety, was: RE: Synchronous AC Motor'
2012\05\02@083605 by Carl Denk

Nothing is more important than "Safety is Job ONE". It always gets me, on the DIY shows:  "Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions". I think a lot of this isn't in the book! But acute awareness of possibilities can be learned, and if things can go wrong they probably will. Never put fingers anywhere near that blade, use push sticks, fasten work piece to a bigger piece with double stick tape or screws, etc.

I too do much of the stuff below, but the pulley hasn't happened yet, with my 60 year old Delta tilting table saw and still have all finger nails. :)
>   Don't get me wrong, it WILL save your fingers. And in the right environment
> it may be wholly worthwhile, perhaps a cabinet shop or something where the
> materials being cut are well controlled.
> But I tend to use a saw in a lot of ways that would make a product
> liability lawyer wince, so it definitely is not for me.
> Mount a fence on at an angle to the blade and use it to mold cove -yep.
> Put on a metal cutting abrasive blade and slot 1/4" wall box tubing - yep..
> Bolt a pulley on instead of the blade and run another contraption -done
> that too. :-)
> None of the above with a SawStop...
> -Denny

2012\05\02@130658 by Denny Esterline

picon face
Yeah, I _love_ that   "Read and follow the manufacturer's
instructions" part....
Years ago I had a radial arm saw (probably form the late '50s early 60's -
it's instruction manual included ways to mount a chunk of stock to the
and twist the running saw in the vertical axis to make hollowed out wooden
bowl shapes. The same manufacturer today only include instructions for
crosscut and rip....


On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 5:36 AM, Carl Denk <> wrote:

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