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'[EE] CAN bus in heavy trucks'
2017\11\13@115116 by Bob Blick

Is there any standardization of the connectors used in heavy truck CAN bus? For instance, if I have a device that needs to be permanently connected in the vehicle, what are my options as far as connecting to the vehicle's bus? I don't want it to physically interfere with maintenance and diagnostics of the vehicle.


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2017\11\13@121110 by Chris Pearson

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Some have OBDII like a standard passenger vehicle would. Some don't. Some
have one of two different types of plugs that support the J1939 standard -
there's a 7-pin and a 9-pin IIRC.

Some have OBDII as well as a separate J1939 plug. The wiring in each plug
is standardized but there is no one standard across all heavy duty

We used Mitchell's Truck Series when we had to build up a database of which
vehicle had which plug.The purpose was to know if the vehicle had an OBDII
port or if it required an adaptor to be able to plug an OBDII device into
one of the J1939 ports.

For connecting one device in one vehicle permanently you could also just
hardwire into the wiring behind the OBDII or J1939 port.

- Chris Pearson

On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 8:51 AM, Bob Blick <> wrote:

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