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'[EE] Beginner A/D Conversion Questio'
2007\03\30@042011 by Jinx

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> which outputs a voltage between -3.6 and +3.6 volts

Hi Andrew, this circuit will do what you want, and shift the -3.6V up
to 0V. If you have just 5V as a supply you'll need to attenuate the
sensor voltage first with a 2k2 : 5k resistive divider, (actual values will
depend on the output impedance of the sensor - ie has it got the
cojones to drive a 7k2 load) as the 5V will clip the +ve range. If
you've got 7.2V or more available then no problem, put the attenuation
after the op-amp instead to knock it down to 0V- 5V range

Just Google about for opamp circuits, lots of cookbooks out there

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