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'[EE] AsyncPro serial port libraryissues(hangs oncl'
2008\05\05@231825 by Vitaliy

Timothy Weber wrote:
>>> That's a real pity.  I also don't like .NET and C#, I prefer a more
>> direct connection to the hardware, perhaps
>> due to the kind of applications I develop.  I don't like .NET being
>> there, that's why I still use Delphi 7.  Is enough
>> good for me. <
>> Have you had a chance to test your stuff on Vista?
> You weren't asking me, but I'll answer - I do have one Delphi app that's
> been ported to Vista.  It went pretty easily.  I used Delphi Studio 2006.

Ported? We finally tested two utilities I wrote in D7 on a Vista laptop,
both worked out of the box. What kinds of things required porting?

> I've worked on apps with hundreds of KLOC in C, C++, Delphi, and VB.

Hundreds of KLOC?! Are you sure you're not exaggerrating? ;-)

> I
> think the choice of programmer makes a lot more difference than the
> choice of language.  :)

Well yeah, but... "all other things equal, ..."  :-)

> But of the three, the Delphi apps have been
> overall the easiest to maintain, and subjectively felt like the fewest
> lines of code per unit of functionality (which would be what, the
> milliapp?).

Can't really comment on VB as I don't have any experience with it. So I'll
take your word for it.


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