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'[EE] Anyone own Bitscope B310U?'
2008\01\30@180055 by Bob Axtell

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Does anyone own Bitscope B310U? Like to hear a report.
I am looking at O'scopes again.


2008\01\30@181913 by Brian Kraut

Can't comment on the Bitscope, but I own one of the Dynon PC scopes and love

Brian Kraut
Engineering Alternatives, Inc.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 6:00 PM
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Subject: [EE] Anyone own Bitscope B310U?

Does anyone own Bitscope B310U? Like to hear a report.
I am looking at O'scopes again.


2008\01\30@183452 by Marcel Birthelmer

Hi Bob,
yes, I do. (It might be a slightly earlier revision from what they
have on their site right now, I got it some 3 years ago or so.)
So it has some pros and some cons (as always). I'll do my best to list
them here, but I haven't used it heavily in quite a while (because I
haven't done much digital and I prefer an analog 'scope for analog

- 2 scope channels + 8 logic channels + many triggering options
- reasonably fast capture
- features like data logging/playback
- open text-based file formats so that you could take a capture log
and with some amount of work convert it into another format
- features a waveform generator (though I've never really used it)
- Has an API/SDK available so you can program your own applications for it
- reasonably fast sampling - I never had a problem with capturing any
of the signals I was interested in, but then I never did anything
exceeding a handful of MHz.

- ADC resolution - The ADC is only 8-bit, so if you can't set your
voltage range very appropriately for your signal, you'll see a lot of
- UI hassles - this one is probably mainly my own fault since I was
using their UI on 64-bit linux (which, to their credit, worked at
all). All of the severe usability problems (crashes, hangups) were
dealt with in the last update I downloaded (a few months ago). What
remains is just the clunkyness of the UI they have. It's not really
obvious what is a button and what isn't, and the documentation isn't
immediately transparent as to what the various features actually are.
- Only 8 logic channels - might not be enough, depending on the application

Overall, I like having it around, but for quick stuff I prefer my old
HP/Tektronix/whatever 50MHz scope, which is more intuitive and
responsive. The bitscope definitely fills a niche, though.

- Marcel

On Jan 30, 2008 3:00 PM, Bob Axtell <> wrote:
> Does anyone own Bitscope B310U? Like to hear a report.
> I am looking at O'scopes again.
> --Bob
> -

2008\01\31@050816 by David Meiklejohn

I have a Bitscope 310U as well, and I'm quite happy with it.  Sure takes a
lot less bench space that the CRO I used to have!

But as with anything, it depends on what you need.  I'm a hobbyist, so my
needs are simple and the Bitscope satisfies them well.  I agree with Marcel
that sometimes you'll see a staircase, but generally I can switch to a lower
voltage range and avoid it.  And personally I have no problem with the UI.
Not as intuitive as twiddling knobs on a real 'scope, but I find it quite

I find that the 2 analog and 8 digital channels fits my needs well, the
sample rate is more than adequate for me, as is the buffer size.  I'm sure a
lot of PC-attached scopes have the same features, but I like having "PC"
features like FFT and dumping captured waveforms and screen grabs -
something you pay a lot more for on a stand-alone scope.

If my Bitscope died, I'd buy another one, no question.

David Meiklejohn

Marcel Birthelmer wrote:
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2008\01\31@173922 by Edson Brusque

Hello Bob,

> Does anyone own Bitscope B310U? Like to hear a report.
> I am looking at O'scopes again.

    I do have an old BitScope bough about 7 years ago. Probably the
newer ones are better but I could never use it. The triggering was
terrible and lots of other problems. The UI wasn't great but maybe it
was just the way I was expecting it to behave.

    As I've said the newer ones are probably much better.

    I do have a good brazilian analog scope (Minipa), an Agilent 54621A
(wich I love but died some months ago) and a Cleverscope CS328A.

    I can comment on the Cleverscope. I've been using it for about one
year and it's simply great. Will probably buy another one next month.
Linking two of them you have a four channel analog and 16 bit analyzer.

    Best regards,

Edson Brusque                    Stagetronics Eletro Eletrônicos Ltda
Research and Development                   Blumenau  -  SC  -  Brazil   

'[EE] Anyone own Bitscope B310U?'
2008\02\01@041023 by Vasile Surducan
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On 1/31/08, Brian Kraut <> wrote:
> Can't comment on the Bitscope, but I own one of the Dynon PC scopes and love
> it.

Which one ?
Elab 0800 is a toy with a nasty software, almost impossible to use if
you really know how a true scope looks. If you have more than one
device connected on the USB port, everything goes in the grass, the
scope communication is hanging or is showing interesting waveforms...
And there are only two or three software revisions released in 5 years
of the product life.
If all scopes from Dynon looks the same, than definitely do not buy from them!


2008\02\01@105013 by Brian Kraut

I have the 080 and have not had any problems with it.  The UI is a little
clunky, but I have gotten used to it.

One thing they did a while back is to make the DLL available and publish
doccumentation on it.  I had hoped that after they did that other people
would develop their own application and user interfaces for the Dynon
hardware, but it never happened.  At least I have never seen them.  They
probably should have put something up on their web page for their users to
share applications.

The overwhelming success of Dynon's aircraft EFIS has apparently brought
development of the scope to a crawl which is a shame, but I still like mine
a lot.

Brian Kraut
Engineering Alternatives, Inc.

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