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'[EE] ALL MIT courses to be available online for fr'
2007\03\15@023006 by Russell McMahon

The back of my brain says this isn't fresh news, but Ken says as

What WOULD be innovative would be to offer examinations for money,
having carefully described their expectations. If you could attain
their level from the free material alone this could greatly reduce the
cost of achieving a good qualification for some people. This would
only work for a portion of candidates and probably a smallish
percentage. aspects such as practical work, labs etc raise hurdles to
this being done in its purist form. And this would effectively allow
lower cost "resellers" use MIT material to prep people to pass the
genuine MIT exams. Which would undercut the MIT earning process.
Whether such a system could be made workable for all concerned is
moot. Perhaps charge more for the examinations than the actual exam
cost but less or far less than for the full course. Some balance may



Ken says:

MIT has announced that it will put it's ENTIRE curriculum (1,800+
courses) online so it is available for free to all comers.  The only
thing you won't get are the academic credits.

More here:

2007\03\15@025040 by William Chops Westfield

face picon face

On Mar 14, 2007, at 11:29 PM, Russell McMahon wrote:

> Which would undercut the MIT earning process.

I seem to recall the moneygrubbing fund-raisers that periodically
visit me carefully explaining that undergraduate education is NOT
a profitable enterprise.  (makes one wonder why it's so expensive, eh?)


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