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'[EE] - Water saving - was - Legacyports forpeoplep'
2008\11\13@081014 by olin piclist

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McReynolds, Alan A wrote:
> The spin speed of our Maytag is supposed to by 1000RPM.  Serious Gs
> are generated at the 1ft radius.  (Yes, I'm too lazy to actually
> calculate it).

Oh gimme a break.  The formula is so simple it's not laziness but that you
forgot to pay attention in high school physics.  It would have been fine to
say you forgot, but you deserve to be called on it because you tried to save
face by claiming laziness.

And by the way, 1000 RPM at 1 foot is 3343g (this took all of 10 seconds to
do on my trusty HP 11C calculator).

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