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'[EE] - Water saving - was - Legacy portsforpeople '
2008\11\14@082436 by olin piclist

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Jim Korman wrote:
> The Yukon averages at 227 Kcfs
> The Mississippi at Natchez, MS is at fairly low water and is sitting
> in the 350 Kcfs range. It goes much! higher in the spring floods.
> Stated average in the article 611 Kcfs.
> The St. Lawrence downriver of Lake Ontario at around 218 Kcfs
> Not sure what other river in North America you are thinking of!

The Columbia.  I was told many years ago before the internet by a credible
source that it had the largest average flow of any river in North America.
I just tried to look up its flow, but couldn't find a single definative
answer.  There was a reference that it's 160 Kcfs at Rock Island, but that
is before even the Snake river joins in.  I found another reference that
mentioed 182 Kcfs at The Dalles, but it wasn't clear if that was a overall
annual average or some other measurement.  Even so, that's before the
Willamette, which seems to be around 90 Kcfs although again I couldn't find
anything definative.  There was mention that unregulated flow at the
Canadian border can exceed 500 Kcfs, but that's clearly a peak.  There was
discussion of the flow being deliberately regulated to 125 Kcfs at
Bonneyville Dam some February, but that definately wasn't long term average
flow.  I expect February to be a low flow month because most of the
precipitation would stay on the ground as snow.  April and May are probably
whopper months, but I didn't see any numbers for them.

Can anyone point to some definative flow rates for the Columbia River at its
mouth (or Astoria, close enough)?

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