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'[EE] - Battery backup for SDRAM UT62256CPC-70LL'
2007\03\07@211449 by Carl Denk

I have a TRI_PLC model T100MD888+ PLC with a SDRAM  UT62256CPC-70LL
volatile memory. There is a model MX-RTC realtime clock module with
lithium backup battery. The module looks like a 28 pin DIP socket
piggybacked between the board socket and the Ram. I would prefer to have
a replaceable battery that I could replace say annually when I do the
smoke detector batteries (and a few assorted others). Would seem that I
could take a DIP socket, (or 2)  bend a few pins, bring some wires out
and have a couple of AA batteries, (it wants 3 volts I believe) diodes,
etc, or even a 9 volt battery and a regulator.

I'm thinking I want more reliability, standard replacement than buying a
special part offers. I'm hoping this unit will still being in service
for many years.


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