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'[EE] need PCB manufacturer in US or Canada'
2000\06\12@101126 by adastra

Try Advanced Circuits here in Colorado.


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2000\06\12@115649 by Dan Michaels

Foster wrote:
>Try Advanced Circuits here in Colorado.

Foster, I checked their site, unfortunately you have to register
and accept cookies [and apparently not erase the cookie later] just
to get the **basic** info from them. Why do companies do this?

Could you possibly provide us the basic info?

- basic proto1 service, 2-sided --> $US/ = ????
- basic setup charge for proto1 service = ?????

For reference, figures for in Canada are
0.7USD/sqin and $48/setup.

Thanks mucho if you could provide this.
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

2000\06\12@194923 by Craig Lee


They just started up in Lethbridge and Calgary, Alberta -- same
place as APC.  However, ESS does a multilayer and gold process --
much better trace uniformity.

For a double sided proto of a minimum of 200 sq. in., with
silkscreen and solder mask, $650 (3-18x12 panels)... and unlike
APC, they save your artwork, so it's cheaper if you choose to
use it again.

So for me, since I live in Lethbridge, the price is the same
as APC proto 1.  Basically you get solder mask and silk screen
for the same price as shipping (apc doesn't include silkscreen and
solder mask in their proto 1 service).  I just had 24 boards done
with a black substrate, gold traces, with a white silkscreen.  Very
slick looking.  BTW, you have a choice of a green substrate and
nickel plating instead.

These guys are only set up for proto, but they can manage your
off-shore manufacturing when you ramp up, if desired.

Mention my name if you order with them, I/you might get a discount.
(hey hey)

Craig Lee

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