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'[EE] Overlapping or sharing component pads?'
2007\06\08@003745 by PicDude

Hey all,

Optimizing a really tight circuit and being able to drop even one 0805 would
be a noticeable relief.  The board is setup for various configurations
(circuit variations).  In one part of the circuit, one configuration requires
a SOT-23 voltage reference (such as LM4040) and another configuration
requires an 0805 resistor.  But never both.  Actually, pins 2 and 3 of the
SOT-23 (the two pins that are on the same side of the SOT-23 package) are the
same signals that are on both ends of the 0805 resistor, and I can actually
fit the 0805 on the SOT-23 pin 2 and pin 3 pads.  Great, I can drop the 0805!

But how do I handle this when I pass the board to a CM?  Will they willingly
accept this placement, or throw it back as non-standard?  What if I overlap
these two components on the board layout?  Ignoring layout-software
warnings/errors, is this acceptable practice?  Final option is to create a
special component that I define are being able to hold an SOT-23 or 0805, but
not sure if this is enough to appease the board houses.


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