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'[EE] Lawn mower rock sensor'
2005\08\15@172426 by David Minkler

Aren't there large commercial (tractor mounted) line trimmers?


KY1K wrote:

> I'm really open to suggestions though, blade sharpening and
> replacement ain't cheap. Also, a slow responding electronic/mechanical
> sensor is still 100 or more times faster than my reaction time and
> will really reduce the damage caused by hitting rocks.

2005\08\15@180930 by Paul James E.

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Hi All,

What about using a "Knock Sensor" from a car and adapting it to
the application?   Not sure if this idea is worth anything, but
thought I'd throw it in as a suggestion.



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2005\08\16@061905 by Alan B. Pearce

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>Aren't there large commercial (tractor mounted) line trimmers?

You mean flail mowers, that flail chains around instead of line trimmer
nylon cord?

2005\08\16@124206 by David Minkler

Actually, I did mean large commercial multi-head nylon cord line
trimmers.  Pretty sure I've seen such a thing.  I know they make large
single head models.  The flail mower sounds like a better alternative
however, especially in light of the rough terrain.

Alan B. Pearce wrote:

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