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'[EE] ?? How to distribute HDTV'
2008\04\04@114958 by Carl Denk

My current setup for house NTSC TV distribution is:
Sources all go into RG-6 cable system through modulators in  the UHF
band output: into a combiner/splitter
   (2) Directv receivers with RF remotes will change out to HDTV
   Computer is HDTV compatible
   VCR replace with TIVO or use computer, haven't decided yet
   DVD player probably continue to play NTSC videos
   Off the air antenna keep works OK with HDTV

Receivers - all want to  use HDTV signal
   1 HDTV with analog and digital tuners
   1 HDTV with analog only tuner, probably will get a tuner box for off
the air
   1 Analog TV to get replaced with HDTV in future
   computer - handles HDTV off the air fine.

With the present setup I can go from TV to TV and watch the same
material(Directv, DVD, or VCR) just by tuning to that units modulator
frequency. Would like to continue that. The combiner/splitter coax
distribution system handles off the air HDTV signals just fine, would
like to modulate the component or DVI output from receivers and
distribute it. Any thoughts, costs not in the $1,000's. ")

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