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'[EE](Fwd) Guy builds Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC'
2005\02\11@113601 by Mark Jordan


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Wonderful! See:


Block I
Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC)
How to build one in your basement

Material developed and provided by John Pultorak who is kind enough to put
these files into the public domain with no restrictions on their use.


This report describes my successful project to build a working reproduction
of the 1964 prototype for the Block I Apollo Guidance Computer. The AGC is
the flight computer for the Apollo moon landings, with one unit in the
command module and one in the LEM.

I built it in my basement. It took me 4 years.

If you like, you can build one too. It will take you less time, and yours
will be better than mine.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Original AGC:
Designed by M.I.T. in 1964
World's first microchip computer
Prototype computer for Apollo moon landing
Memory: 12K fixed (ROM), 1K eraseable (RAM)
Clock: 1.024 MHz
Computing: 11 instructions, 16 bit word
Logic: ~5000 ICs (3-input NOR gates, RTL logic)

Built from original M.I.T. design documents
Started November 2000, completed October 2004
~15K hand-wrapped wire connections; ~3500 feet of wire
Cost (parts only): $2,980.
Labor: ~2500 hours
Logic: ~500 ICs (LSTTL logic)
Runs flight software (1969 program name: COLOSSUS 249)

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