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'[EE][PIC] How to measure level of liquids and'
2000\05\31@131201 by M. Adam Davis

One source has level (and flow) sensors here:

You might also check out their conductivity and resistivity sensors:

It is not inexpensive, but when you're dealing with industrial work it is often
better to use the appropiate equipment than develop your own if you aren't very
familiar with it.


Hugo Jorge M|ller wrote:
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'[EE][PIC] How to measure level of liquids and'
2000\06\05@110510 by Robert A. LaBudde
<x-flowed>At 09:48 PM 5/31/00 +0200, you wrote:
>And how about another even simpler way ?
>(which might even prove to work in the real world!)
>Just stick a pipe down in the fluid and measure the air pressure that
>builds in the pipe when the level rises. There are sensors availfor it.

Put a float in the pipe and measure its position optically or magnetically,
or use it to mechanically throw a lever.

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