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'[EE]:wave file to an pic'
2000\06\02@003940 by rdo Lopes De Souza Junior

Hi PIClisters,

   I need some help.
   I'm looking for description of "*.wav" files.  I've been searching all the
net for description of this kind of file, but I haven't found yet.
   First I create a file in *.wav than I'd like to get the 8bit sequence,
without it's overhead, put it on a look-up table and generate a sound with a
8bit R/2R network.
   So, how can I reconize that overhead and cut it off  from the useful
information? Somebody could sugest any link to put me right the way?

Best Regards

2000\06\02@005715 by Ravi Pailoor

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Eduardo Lopes De Souza Junior wrote:
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* e-CHIP INFOTEK (P) LTD.                                          *
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* Thanks                                                           *
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2000\06\02@010134 by Andrew




Eduardo Lopes De Souza Junior wrote:

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Andrew Thoms
    Software Engineer
    Fac Engineering
    University of Technology, Sydney
    No 1 Broadway, Broadway 2007
    NSW, Australia

2000\06\07@164628 by picxpert

picon face
Check out - whole lot of file formats there.

-Randy Glenn (remove ANTISPAM)

"My Finder has died of fits, chokin',
My Finder has quite ceased to be.
OS X's new Finder looks broken,
Please bring back my Finder to me!" - A concerned Mac user

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