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'[EE]:Switch, Router and Protocol?'
2001\12\12@213321 by pic list

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Hi all,

I know nuts about telecommunication switch, routers
and even protocols. Hope someone could provide some
guidance. I am even open to solution proposals or some
advertising pamplets.

I need to build a system that uses the telephone line
as the medium of communication. I needed a centralised
server/router/switch ( i don't know, let's call 'A' )
where any phone can call to and dump a short amount of
data. The centralised 'A' must be able to handle more
than one call for the same phone number and must be
able to pass the packet of data to a controller/server
to be repackaged. Once repackaged, the packet of data
may again be sent to another phone, or to another

On the other hand, let say, i would like to
communicate between two phones. What would be the
point of consideration in selecting different types of
protocol? There are so many standard protocol, what
makes one superior to another? Can't i just create a
simple protocol instead of following those standards?
Or maybe can i take a part out of each available
standards and make a standards out of it?


Hope some one could clear my doubt on this. Thanks in



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