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'[EE]:Hall effect current transducer manufacturers'
2001\03\14@182006 by Dal Wheeler

I've been using the Honeywell-Microswitch CSLA series hall effect current
transducers and find that Honeywell is having injection molding problems.
What other makes of linear output hall-effect sensors are you guys (and
Alice) using out there?  --I'm looking on the cheap end of the spectrum...
I've seen Amploc xml and pro series, but I'm looking for a slightly larger
conductor diameters ~.4-.5".


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2001\03\15@082853 by Eisermann, Phil [Ridg/CO]

You might want to check out Bicron.  These are for AC
current sensing, 47 to 400Hz. I am not familiar with the CSLA series, so
this might not exactly be what you are looking for. But they are linear.

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