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'[EE]:Barometer & Altimeter --> GPS'
2002\09\06@092632 by Jim

Remember y'all ("you all") - you're ("you are") using "C/A Code"
as opposed to "P Code" to do this position determination, too!

C/A - Course/Acquisition Code, used initially to "lock-in"
(acquire) on the GPS SS signal *from which* one would normally
(as originaly envisioned) transitioning to using "P Code".

Chip rate for C/A code is 1.023 MHz

P Code - precision Code. Used for *precise* postioning. What is
currently being done with C/A code alone is way past the orgiginal
intentions of the GPS system designers!

Chip rate for P Code is 10x the C/A code rate, or 10.23 MHz.

*Nor* are you using [the] L2 [frequency] of 1227.6 MHz to account
for/offset the effects of RF transmission through the atmosphere ...

All in all, civilian applications are accessing only *a fraction* of
what the GPS system *is* currently supplying in the way of capability
and signals to the military (and certain qualified civilian applications).

 RF Jim (Veteran of the GPS-HDUE (High Dynamic User Equipment) program at

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2002\09\06@094420 by M. Adam Davis

Care to disclose the encryption keys for the military signal?  Someone
has to have broken it by now...


Jim wrote:

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>{Original Message removed}

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