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PICList Thread
'[EE]:AT Keyboard Problem Solved!'
2000\06\06@153538 by mike

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On 6 Jun 00, at 0:07, Automatic digest processor wrote:

> Date:    Mon, 5 Jun 2000 22:12:49 -0400
> From:    John Hansen <spam_OUTjohnTakeThisOuTspamHANSEN.NET>
> Subject: AT Keyboard Problem Solved!
> Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions about how to help me solve
> the
> problem of hooking up an AT keyboard to a PIC.  I have found the problem
> and I thought that I would report the results back

Ah.. Umm  yes, I thought it might be ;-)  Is'nt it annoying when
something as simple as this causes such confusion... Thanks
for the feedback John

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