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'[EE]:16F84 Datalogger - current consumption'
2002\02\08@071621 by Jinx

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> 2) Are there other CHEAP solutions for low current consumption?

Yes, and accurate over long periods, over moderate
temperature ranges (unlike a basic 4060 solution)

With the PIC in SLEEP and waking up for a very short time
every 2 seconds you should get a year from 4 AAs + 1 AA
for the timer module

"cheap" is subjective. You can get a clock for a couple of
dollars, definitely less than you'd pay to make your own
temperature-compensated oscillator. More than you'd pay
for a 4060+crystal+R+C though

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2002\02\08@101914 by marco genovesi

Hi Jinx,
I have seen the web page. Good idea: yes,  is "cheap" also for me!
Probably there is less consumption than 4060 + 32Khz crystal solution.

>>over moderate temperature ranges..

Will be necessary a test (i'm going to crash my chitchen clock..): however,
is interesting.
Thanks for the suggestion.


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