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'[EE]: tracking system.'
2002\02\11@062318 by ael Pettersson

> Interesting. I am - well, I used to be a radio amateur (GW0VSC) but
> touched the key for a very long time I'm afriad! I'm not even familiar
> the APRS system - but I'll certainly be learning about it. Many thanks for
> the links. There have probably been a lot of new developments in the field
> of AR that I'm not even familar with.
> If my amateur license would permit me to operate such an unattended
> transmitter for tracking use then that would be something to look into -
> though I'm quite certain that there are great restrictions on operating
> a 'station' in the UK.
This link might help you with questions about the permit.
They also might have some kind of info on the coverage of aprs in UK.

There is also some smaller projects that allows chatting over the same
frequency. has a smaller project, peekpack that listens on the traffic
writes this on a LCD. The project is not maintained and there are some
that could be added.. but it's a nice start.

These projects might help you getting on the air again? :-)

73 de sm6xog

Michael Pettersson

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