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'[EE]: single chip MPEG video decoding'
2001\01\29@160645 by Richard Sloan

With respect to audio it seems to be this way but check out the MPEG video IC's..... this is where it seems backwards.

See subject MPEG video.


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 >> - look at their MAS3507D MPEG1/2 DEcoder. MPEG in,
 >>  Audio out.

 >>  - -Randy Glenn

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2001\01\29@163012 by Randy Glenn

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- From National Semiconductor, the NDV8501 DVD processor:

MPEG Video Decode

Decodes MPEG1 video & MPEG2 main level, main profile video (720x576)
Maximum input bit-rate of 15 Mbits/sec

I don't think that raw analog video usually has a bit rate...

Now, it also mentions an NTSC/PAL encoder. This would be the actual
formatting of the signal - sync pulses and what not. Thus, we should
probably be saying "an MPEG transcder", as it's decoding the MPEG
into video, then encoding it to NTSC.

- -Randy Glenn

This coming from the guy with a system tray 7 icons wide... by 2
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